The Cabinet of Ministers intends to legalize cryptocurrency

28.09.2019 3452
Кабинет министров намерен легализовать криптовалюту

The newly created Ministry of Digital Transformation has announced that the legalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is in the near future. According to Liga.No, the head of the aforementioned department, Mikhail Fedorov, announced this. His words were quoted by one of the future deputy ministers - Alexander Bornyakov.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency in our country is not prohibited by law, no one has assigned it a legal status. During a briefing on an application for using state structures online, Alexander Bornyakov said that Ukrainian citizens who are engaged in cryptocurrency should long ago start paying the state for their business. Thus, the ministry wants cryptocurrency traders who make money from mining to pay a percentage of their income in the form of taxes in the future. There are also plans to transform the state registry to blockchain.

Mikhail Fedorov, during an interview for Ukrainska Pravda, said that the main task for him is to turn the state into a fast and convenient service. He said that he wants to turn management into a simple service that will be as simple and irreplaceable as possible. So that a person interacts with government agencies as comfortable and convenient as possible. Like the services we are used to, such as Uber, Booking or Airbnb. In order for "State in a Smartphone" to become a simple management tool for everyone and people do not experience various uncomfortable emotions.

We also remind you that for the transformation of public services and the introduction of blockchain, a special group has already been created in parliament - Blockchain4Ukraine.

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