SEC: cryptocurrency as the future of internet finance

27.09.2019 1921
SEC: криптовалюта как будущие финансы интернета

According to media company Cointelegraph, Hester Pearce, principal spokesman for the US Securities and Exchange Commission, said the cryptocurrency would eventually become the "capital of the Internet."

At the Digital Asset Compliance & Market Integrity Summit in New York, Hester Pearce voiced her vision for digital currency. She said that she considers digital currency to be a "money transfer device", the main purpose of which is expressed as a saving tool.

“I believe that by the degree of improvement of innovations, we will clearly notice that they will quite clearly transform into Internet money,” Pearce noted.

The SEC spokeswoman agreed with the opinion that the United States is losing market positions in relation to other companies, slowing down the process of introducing a legal framework for overall progress. Pierce believes that the leverage must be stepped up with the help of the US Congress. Along with this, she stated that the Commission's access to stabilization of cryptocurrencies should be "not so patronizing".

Hester Pearce said that the SEC should consider applying a form of enforcement to the e-currency sphere. She stated that the focus of the leverage is not just criminals, but also the coordinators of recorded digital coin sales.

Note that Twitter CEO Jack Dors expressed his point of view that bitcoin may well become the natural currency of the Internet.

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